Free automated image culling for photographers

Automatically filter low quality images

AfterShoot automatically flags and filters low quality images like blurred, duplicates, overexposed, underexposed, closed eyes, and more!
Leave the boring work to us

We believe that you should be able to spend your time on things that matter the most to you!
Be it enjoying some time off with your loved ones or working on growing your business.
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Fits seamlessly into your existing workflow

Using AfterShoot is as easy as it gets!
No need to learn weird keyboard shortcuts or navigating around complicated options.

Add Images to AfterShoot

Add the folder containing raw images into AfterShoot


AfterShoot will start culling your images. Work on your earlier shoots or grab a coffee in the meantime!


Import into LightRoom

Once completed, import the processed images into Lightroom. AfterShoot adds filters to culled images which makes them easy to find.

Spend your time on things that matter the most

Powered by Machine Learning, AfterShoot can automatically identify low quality images, thereby save you hours of time in culling.
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